All the accessories you need to cross-dress

The term cross- dressing is usually used to refer to sissies, drag queens and heterosexual men
who wear women clothing, and accessories like what we sell here at Enjoyables by J.R.
Before diving in, it might be helpful to understand more about gender, sex, and societal expectations around the two. Sex is how people are classified at birth, based on their genitalia and chromosomes. Usually they’re split into the categories of male or female based on these traits, but genitalia and chromosomes vary, so not everyone falls cleanly into one group or the other. Gender, unlike sex, isn’t biological. It refers to the characteristics that societies define as being associated with men or women, and it doesn’t necessarily align with a person’s assigned sex at birth.
Enjoyables by J.R. caters to all, regardless of gender biases, race and sexual orientation.
our main focus is to serve and please our customers with satisfaction guaranteed.
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