Variety is the spice of life!

Blurring the lines between daywear and nightwear while combining a sensual style with seductive undertones, Enjoyables by J.R. is a brand that seeks to celebrate femininity and masculinity through specially curated products that are aimed at injecting fun and pleasure into everyday life. Featuring an extensive collection of enjoyables that blend comfort,functionality and elegance into the perfect antidote against a bland and boring existence, these colorfully gorgeous designs and accessories are of excellent quality and are made to make you feel as good as they look; sultry, stunning and stylish.

Timeless luxury.

Providing a host of incredible pieces from male and female lingerie to outfits, costumes, hosiery, high heels, body piercing jewelry among others, we offer the best prices for our merchandise even as we take pride in having an excellent presence at both our local storefront in cleveland OH and our online store. With something for everyone no matter your size, shape or style, we focus on abiding by our model which is to serve YOU, our customer, with satisfaction guaranteed whether you want to shape your silhouette or showcase your feminine/ masculine form…all with a special twist of course; to equip you so that you can enoy being the best version of yourself daily while exuding confidence no matter the occasion.

Relax. We’ve got you covered!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Not to worry. At Enjoyables by J.R. we believe that creativity is as flexible and untamed as it is unique and individual. Which is why we handle Catalogue orders through our customization services that also cover lingerie parties, passion parties and romance parties.

Recognized as the best in customer service, we are coming to a neighborhood near you as we will be expanding to the East side of Cleveland very soon.